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Allentown Family Paving

Paving Contractor Allentown


Allentown Family Paving


611 S Albert St #2
Allentown PA 18109
United States


(484) 573-7729

Allentown Family Paving, a licensed paving contractor in Pennsylvania, is the best choice for you. We have the most qualified asphalt paving contractors that provide high-quality workmanship and years of expertise in the paving industry. We offer a variety of services including asphalt repair, resurfacing and patching, sealcoating and more. When you contact our contractors, we will offer you free quotes on all our services to ensure you make an informed decision. We are fully equipped and will provide all the equipment needed to install or repair your driveway. We work on both small and large projects, as can be seen by our partnerships with local business and homeowners' associations. We look forward to meeting all your paving needs.


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